A Partnership Created for some Awesome Charities!

So this summer has been pretty busy and full of so many wonderful things. For starters, Stefan Cherwoniak (another mortgage agent with TMG) and I teamed up to do some Community Charity work!

What we created was a wonderful partnership that benefits the community & the two charities we supported together this summer.
The first event we did was……. “Yoga in the Park“.
It was a huge success and I am more than looking forward to making it bigger and better for the coming summer in 2015.     (Note: we are already planning 2015!)                                                This event was done around a “Healthy Community” – for that you need fresh air, good healthy eats, excercise, some fun and if course ask any mortgage question you may have. For a healthy life you should look at all aspects of ones life – and that includes your finances. Actually finances can play a large role in how you approach all those other healthy choices that you may come across. Being human; food, shelter and health are top of the charts. We will all look at them differently and that is ok – but making healthier choices go beyond, maybe not having that milkshake at lunch and also go toward your mortgage health (for your home/shelter), it is one of the largest, if not the largest purchase someone will make in their lifetime…as mortgage agents of course we are promoting this. On top of all that, this was an event to Support Local Community Businesses. Your local stores, gyms, resturants, home businesses etc…. to give everyone a mini taste of what is actually available in their area. The two resturants that helped out actually provided all the food for the event! The healthy salads for the yogis after their class (Harts Table & Bar) – and of course some cotton candy for the kids (we could not have it be too healthy..lol.. Delux Burgar Bar)
Besides all of that… the actual fundraising was for “Make a Wish Foundation” – The mission of Make-A-Wish® Canada is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.
Our entire community of Terwillegar got together to support this wonderful event!
As the event was titled, it was “Yoga in the Park”! We had a fabulous instructor, Sean Forchuk that donated his time to teach a class of 20+ students, under the open blue sky and grounded in the grass! It was amazingly awesome & Sean was amazing as always!

There was also a goodie bag for all participants – full of amazing things provided by local businesses, as well as a bouncy castle (courtesy of Local Remax Real Estate Agent-Didi Rasmussen) for the kids. Plus some awesome draw prizes, one of which was a Yogi Toes Towel!

We had some solid members of the community attend as well which I feel so blessed for. They are an amazing presence in our Community so it was great they came out. We had Firefighters from Rig #24- and the kids (and adults) got to tour the trucks and we even got to see them go away with their lights and horns flashing. All the kids got coloring books and red fireman hats! They all loved it!

The Edmonton Police came as well with a squad car and lights flashing as well. We had a bit of fun with these two boys as I got “arrested” because we were offering such low rates 😉  Those cuffs are way more intense then they look on Law and Order! lol…

At the end of the afternoon, we had an amazing turn out and a lot of support for a great Charity and a Wonderful Community!!! We raised a total of $1200 for the Make a Wish Foundation!!!
The list of supporters was large and I am going to take a moment to list them here. I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! Without you it would not have been possible!
RMG Mortgages                                                 MCAP Mortgages
Leroux Mortgages                                              Quickfire Mortgages
Didi Rasmussen – Remax Real Estate                Sustainable Developments
Harts Table & Bar                                               Delux Burgar Bar
Jillys Home and Lifestyle                                   Swish Flowers
Infinity Fitness                                                    Orange Theory
Starbucks                                                            Iris Optics
Yorkton Group                                                    Sean King – Sunlife
Jolene Langelle – Remax Real Estate                 Justin Leroux – Southgate Audi
Bliss Yoga and Spa                                             Sean Forchuk
Make a Wish Foundation                                    Keith Olsen – Unity Designs
Bone & Biscuit                                                   Allure Skin Care
Jessica Stankowski- Acupuncture                      Kate Talbot- Acupuncture & Herbals
I cant wait to see you all again next year, and to also see the new faces that I hope will come and support a wonderful event. The 2015 will be Bigger and Better!!! Especially now the Spray Park is complete!!