Mothers Day Weekend!

So Mother’s Day is this weekend and what do you have on the To-Do List? If you are like me, we have a large Mother’s Day Dinner Planned with the whole of one side of the Family. 🙂 However this year we are doing something different, and I like the idea, so I figured I would share. Usually for Family Dinners it is done at either my house or my Mother in Laws house. Either way, one of us is doing the bulk of the work with not a lot of intervention or help. It can get to be a lot of work & money, when you are thinking about arranging and cooking for 16 people on average, and if we add some of my family to the mix that number jumps up. Plus for myself, I tend to like to set a Martha Stewart Type table… everything looks “just-so”… ha ha ha ha; have a good laugh. My husband usually does when he sees me setting the table…. however my point is it gets to be a lot of work. Being that I am a full time Mortgage Agent, and full time mom and wife… adding more to an already busy plate gets to be…. well exhausting.
This year we have a different plan: dinner will be at the Mother in Laws place (which is super great), but we are doing it as more of a Pot Luck! So every couple has to bring something to the meal. All together we have gotten it so we have a super full dinner with everyone bringing something. This will take the stress off the “Chef” and the time spent in a hot kitchen. Cause lets face it, when family is around we are supposed to be spending time with everyone… and that means the Chef too (instead of spending all the time in the Kitchen). It will also cut down on clean up time, as everyone is responsible to take their own container home for washing! 🙂 Besides all that, it is usually (and this is not to say there are not some fabulous men out there that cook) the “Mom” that is doing the cooking… and a day that is supposed to be for her, she should not spend all her time in kitchen preparing the meal for everyone else. 
Another thing is what to get mom for Mothers Day? There is the tried and true, flowers… those always work some magic especially if you have payed attention and know what kind of flowers are her favorite. However is money is tight there are some great home made projects you can do with the kids or on your own to give to your Special Mom! This link is awesome for some ideas! Homes and Garden Website to see some really neat ideas that are sure to make your Mom smile! Me I will be sticking to the tried and true, FLOWERS. I am going with Swish Flowers  they can make your flower choice unique, and being such, they are my go to place, plus in my busy schedule all it takes is a phone call… the ladies are helpful and awesome. 
          All in all it equals = Awesome and Stress Free for me!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day Weekend!!! And if you are one of the moms out house hunting this weekend, give me a call 1st, we will set up your pre approval in record time! And you can have a stress free House Shop!!!