The Real Cost of NOT Buying That House Today…..

    1. Historically the longer you wait…
                    the higher the price.
    As evidence by the CMHC cost index
    for the past 25 years

 2. There are 2 components in purchasing a home:
              (A) Cost of the Property
              (B) Cost of the Money
      Both of these are commodities.
      You of course wish to purchase both
      at the best price possible.


  If interest rates go back to 5% this is historically still very low in regards to rate.
  Please see the difference between 5% vs 3.29% = 1.71% difference.
  On a $400,000 mortgage if you wait to purchase, even if prices to NOT go up,
  the interest difference of 5% VS 3.29% over 25 years is $111,900.00.

  You just paid $112,000.00 more for the same house!

                                   This is not my opinion these are facts.


                       Is there really a good reason to wait

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